“Disney put the movie theaters unprecedented conditions before the release of “the Last Jedi”

– The film Studio Walt Disney, the global leader of the market in recent years has launched a number of unprecedented requirements to the American cinemas that want to show the film “Star wars: the Last Jedi” writes The Wall Street Journal.

Premiere in the world will be on December 13th.

Cinemas will give Disney 65% of the profits of the film, which experts call a major blockbuster this year. The average rate is 55% and 60% for the most high-profile film premieres. From foreign screenings of the film Studio usually get about 40% of the fees.

In addition, theater owners will have to show “the Last Jedi” on their biggest screen for at least four weeks and adhere to very strict rules concerning confidentiality.

For breach of Disney reserves the right to require an additional 5% of the fees.

“Disney is in a position that is not occupied by any one Studio since MGM from the 1930-ies”, – quotes the WSJ the words of one of film distributors.

It is noted that these rules will be in effect if fees film in the U.S. and Canada will exceed $500 million – but almost none of the analysts does not doubt that the long-awaited picture in which mark Hamill returns to the role of Luke Skywalker, is much greater than this figure.

Previous film of the Saga “the force awakens” has become the highest grossing film in the history of North America, gathered in the domestic box office of $937 million (and over $2 billion in the world).

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