“Georgia will be looking for biological enemy marble bug

– In Georgia, in search of effective methods of dealing with the massive invasion of bedbugs marble (Asian shchitnik) consider use of biological methods to combat these pests.

“We are talking about the use of natural enemies of bedbugs marble. In this regard, experts will focus on the experience of other countries that have already used biological method of dealing with them, and will make recommendations on its use in the context of Georgia”, – have informed “Interfax” in the Ministry of agriculture of Georgia.

While the Ministry did not name candidates under consideration for the role of the biological enemy marble bug.

In the Centre of diagnostics of the soil and food of the Ministry of agriculture of Georgia, which is located in the village of Anaseuli Ozurgeti municipality (Western Georgia) plan to create a biological laboratory, where scientists and engineers will be working on these issues.

Earlier it was reported that marble bugs this year practically destroyed in the West Georgia harvests of hazelnuts (hazelnut), as well as corn and orchards has damaged citrus plantations, and has already reached Tbilisi and other regions in the East of the country.

With the onset of cold marble bugs filled the house and cellars of local residents in the West of the country and began to migrate in its Central part, in connection with what experts called on all citizens to join in the fight against this threat and trust in the winter.

Experts say that bugs with marble and fighting in Europe and the United States. The specific Protocol control these pests does not exist in any country and completely destroy them is not possible.

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