Igor Zavyalov: we need to be more aggressive and to file counter-claims

Was there doping? — still puzzled sports fans worldwide saw win and become prize-winners of Olympic games, the Russian skiers and bobsledders. It seems that doubt about the guilt of the athletes not only from the Commission of the International Olympic Committee, headed by Denis Oswald Affairs of the Russian participants of the winter Olympic games 2014 in Sochi.

Photo: vk.comAlexander Legkov

In Lausanne was held the second meeting of the Commission, which reviewed the works of the representatives of our country in bobsleigh: champion of Olympics-2014 Alexander Tretyakov, bronze medalist of Sochi Elena Nikitina, Olga Potylitsina, Maria Orlova and Olga retired Stornaway. The athletes answered the Commission’s questions via videoconference, as the majority of them continues the preparations for the upcoming season.

Was present at the hearing, the leader of the national team of Russia in bobsleigh at the Games in Sochi Alexander Zubkov. He now heads the Federation of bobsleigh Russia (FBI). Was at the meeting and the Secretary-General of the Federation Sergei Parkhomenko.

In addition, according to the media, on trial in Lausanne was spotted Olympic medalist in speed skating Olga Fatkulina and winner of the world Cup Alexander Rumyantsev.

It is expected that the final decision about participation of the Russian team in the Olympics in South Korea’s Pyeongchang the IOC will take in early December.

This is the second meeting of the Commission Oswald. The results of the first were found guilty of doping and disqualified for life Alexander Legkov and Yevgeny Belov. As previously reported, Legkov intends to apply to the European court to overturn the verdict, in fact, put a cross on his future in professional sports. According to the President of Federation of ski races of Russia Elena Vyalbe, suspended the athletes still will be qualified for the world Cup along with other colleagues in the national team.

Opinions about the future prospects of the Russian athletes suspended and accused of using banned drugs with the “MC” said the honored coach of Russia, known sports doctor Igor Zavyalov.

— We argue consistently. First, I personally do not believe that the athletes took doping. However, it is undeniable that the problems in our sport there is. Second, athletes, unfortunately, have become hostages of the situation. It’s very sad because people are preparing for years, and crossed all could be just in one second. Third, the interests of the Russian athletes are poorly represented professionals protecting their rights, for example, in medical commissions. Not named the names of any expert who worked on this before. How did the scandal Meldonium.

It makes no sense to blame the defector Rodchenkova. It, too, is someone appointed, controlled, supervised… Let these people speak and explain, call the attacker to answer. Because evil is always concrete. In any case, our representatives behave unprofessionally. That’s one thing.

Another thing — why do we always make excuses? Talk: enemies of the West have United against us. But it was always, at all times. We did not like in Soviet times, this is normal. The West’s standoff with Russia was, is and will be. We need to file counter-claims, to demand multi-million compensation, as they say in law, to look for, who benefits from this trial. Because of the incident, we suffer huge losses: the suffering image of Russia as the organizer of the competition, our athletes and doctors is already known to be perceived as liars. For this reason, we are losing real money, turn away from us sponsors.

The question arises: why can’t we claim too? We are talking about millions and even billions of financial losses, the reputation of our country. Russian footprint in all you can seek forever. We need to give an adequate response. We fought, but we must then accept the challenge. The Western world are used to decide everything in court and let. Yes, Meldonium is not doping, but if he’s banned, make it impossible. To discuss this we had before, on commissions, not now. We must observe the rules. Do I believe that our sportsmen took doping? Don’t believe it. I would not like to think so. At the same time, it would be interesting to know the names of those who accompanied the athletes found guilty — lawyers, doctors.

I see that we are under pressure, and we do not answer seriously. Stop yelling at the talk show that it is the enemies. So it was and always will be. You can’t blame everything on it.

In Boxing such a thing — to work with the first and second number. With us now box the first number. Nothing to worry about. If a professional boxer backs away and goes, this does not mean that he is a coward. He’s just biding her time. While we only defend ourselves, but we need to be more aggressive. It is important to understand and how it all went resources. About it and have to speak and write in the media.

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