“In the Zaporozhye region vandals damaged the night two monuments

– In the center of Zaporozhye in Ukraine, unknown persons stole a bust of the former mayor of Zaporizhzhya, the General-the major of militia Alexander Pole, and in Melitopol vandals destroyed a monument to military drivers during the Second world war.

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As the correspondent of “Interfax”, the bust of the mayor of Zaporozhye, Alexander Polyak, established in 2005 on the facade of the building on Cathedral Avenue, disappeared in the night on Tuesday.

As noted in the press service of the National police in the Zaporozhye region, law enforcement agencies carry out investigative and operational actions for search of criminals.

The mayor of Zaporozhye, the General-the militia major Pole was led by the city government from 2000 to 2003.

Also last night in Melitopol Zaporozhye region vandals smashed the monument to soldiers-motorists. According to local residents, the thieves initially stole from the monument, a bronze star, then the star with the Eternal flame and a plaque with the inscription “1941”.

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