Left to cool: a resident Perm without a hat interested the police

A resident of Perm posted in social networks video recording of their communication with two police officers. They decided to check his documents due to the fact that from their point of view, the man was wearing “out of season”. Citizen outraged by such a question, and he gave the incident publicity.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

Posted on November 5 in one of the city pages “Vkontakte” the video shows that a man without a hat and without a jacket, one thin jumper. Police in warm winter clothes, one even donned caps hood.

The man explains that he went for a walk and “cool.” “It doesn’t give you a reason to stop me and ask for the documents” – several times he says. The guards patiently explain to him that the person in the clothes is off-season raises questions – is he suddenly someone ran away.

“We’re not a police state,” and therefore defends their right to freeze as he pleases.

“Maybe you have a trouble less” – explains the motives of checking documents-COP. One of them adds that it is prohibited to remove themselves on video and put it on the Network.

Easily dressed man then says to the police that would not freeze at a fast pace, and now is forced to cool while dealing with them. It is clear that he from the cold reddened nose. In the end he still gave law enforcement information about themselves, and they let him go.

The opinions of “commentators” below the video are divided: some don’t understand what is the problem to show the documents. They justify careful of the guards, because there is another situation: for example, if the mental hospital escape a dangerous patient. Others, on the contrary, sympathize with the author of the video and I advise you not to forget about their rights. From their point of view, validation is not motivated if the police have a Bolo.

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