Moscow taxi driver smashed the passenger head after refusing to pay

In the Russian capital to the taxi driver faces a criminal responsibility on charges in the brutal beating of a passenger. According to the victim, the man attacked her after she refused to pay for the trip.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

The incident occurred in October, but the victim wrote a statement at the beginning of November, the TV channel “360”.

As the woman said, she called a taxi, the call came aggressive driver, who first got nasty to her. Nevertheless the passenger still got in the car.

But as soon as drove away, the woman noticed that the counter on the taximeter shows the amount exceeding the cost of the taxi. As a result, between the driver and passenger of a quarrel broke out.

The taxi driver demanded that the woman came out of the salon — that, in turn, did not contradict. The passenger went to the side of the house, when, she said, felt a blow in the head and lost consciousness.

The victim was hospitalized, doctors diagnosed for it closed cherepno-a brain trauma, brain concussion, bruises of soft tissues of abdominal wall, right chest and closed abdominal trauma.

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