“Stoltenberg called for increased pressure on the DPRK by all means

– Irresponsible and reckless behavior of North Korea is a threat not only to the partners of the Alliance in Asia – South Korea and Japan and to NATO allies and to international peace and security in General, said the Secretary General of the organization Jens Stoltenberg.

“Therefore, during my discussions with the Prime Minister of Japan and President of South Korea, we agreed that it is necessary to maximize the pressure on North Korea so that we could peacefully in the negotiations to resolve the crisis,” – said the head of NATO on Tuesday in Brussels at a press conference on the upcoming November 8-9 meeting of defense Ministers of the Alliance.

“Nobody wants to start a war, but at the same time, we must avoid a situation where North Korea continues to develop its nuclear program and ballistic missiles. We need to increase pressure on it through diplomatic channels, through political means, and it is possible here to mention economic sanctions. I welcome the fact that the UN security Council expanded in September their economic sanctions,” – said Stoltenberg.

He recalled that NATO responds to the threat of nuclear and ballistic missiles for decades. “It started back during the cold war through the containment system and due to the demonstration of determination and ability to retaliate in case of attack. This is the best way to prevent an attack,” explained the Secretary General of the Alliance.

“And the same applies to threats emanating from North Korea. But the only concern is that now they are developing missiles of this range, which can allow them to strike not only by countries in the region, but also by cities on both sides of the Atlantic, i.e. Europe and North America,” continued Stoltenberg.

The forthcoming discussion by the defense Ministers of NATO’s nuclear and missile programs, the DPRK head of the organization called one of the key directions of the upcoming medium of exchange. The Secretary General stressed the readiness and determination of the Alliance to “respond to any aggression”.

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