The suit apparently filed a complaint with Stas Mikhailov of the ECHR on Russia will withdraw

Director of singer Stas Mikhailov admitted the possibility of filing a lawsuit to the ECHR to Russia, his lawyers, though only a few hours ago I called the complaint a provocation and promised to prosecute those involved.

“In 2014, apparently, our lawyers have indeed filed a lawsuit, but the conflict was settled, and to the initiation of this case to the ECHR now we have no relationship,” – said now the Agency “Moscow” the Director of the artist Sergey Kononov. He added that lawyers engaged in the matter and the complaint will be withdrawn. He still doesn’t understand why the lawsuit was so long and only now was accepted by the court.

As already noted, on the ECtHR website has information about the complaint Stas Mikhailov, 5 December 2014. The European court eventually communicated. It was about the incorrect from the point of view of the artist, using the image of “Mikhail Stasov,” which in the Comedy “the Understudy” used comedian Alexander Revva.

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The ECHR claim was filed after the claim of the singer to the film distributor, in 2013, dismissed Moscow’s Ostankino court.

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