Became known, whose money was stolen from a Home movie

The money raised by colleagues for the treatment of the cameraman, the honored art worker of Russia Yuri Paradise, stole from the cinema House street Vasilevsky over the weekend. Investigators suspect the guards of involvement in a daring crime.

Yuri Paradise

As it became known “MK”, the penetration of the gangsters in three rooms of the House of cinema found themselves the artists, when on the 7th of November, after the holidays came to work. It is noteworthy that the building is guarded round the clock. The incident became security for an unpleasant surprise.

In one of the rooms located accounting — here the villains have made a mess, apparently in search of valuables, but here there was no money. However, in the next room assigned to a senior consultant of the Guild of cinematographers, there was a small safe with a plain castle — it was a kind of piggybank to which employees of the cinema House voluntarily handed over the cash to the veterans Day, March 8, etc. this time collected money for the treatment of critically ill cameraman, 62-year-old Yuri Paradise, the chief operator of TV channel “Culture”, cinemaster honored with numerous awards (for example, in 1992, he received the award “Nika” for the shot film “the Anchor, still the anchor!” of the Director Peter Todorovsky). He is long suffering with cancer, but long concealed the disease. Information about the disease appeared in the summer of this year.

Paradise is universally respected, so the first 100 thousand roubles-in a matter of days and was taken to the mater home. Colleagues continued to bring donations to the time of the theft in the Bank lay a little over 156 thousand roubles and 200 dollars. To transfer funds to a Paradise, alas, did not.

The staff of the House of cinema suggest that the kidnapping may have had the hand guards. All doors were opened with keys, a safe Deposit key found in the table. I mean, obviously, acted knowledgeable persons on the tip. Said employees, theft in the House of cinema are not uncommon — this summer, one of the ladies kidnapped from the left in the Great hall of the bags 20 thousand rubles.

The management of the institution stealing money Paradise wanted to hush up because the incident casts a shadow on the reputation of the cultural institutions. However, this decision outraged the employees themselves and reported it to the police because, according to them, they were very sorry.

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