Came into force changed the rules of journey of crossroads with a circular motion

Entering Wednesday, new traffic rules to regulate the passage through the circular intersections. According to the changes in traffic, now arriving at such an intersection the motorist must give way already moving around transport. However, with the current installed traffic lights or signs priority driver should cross the “ring” in accordance with their requirements.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

As reported on Wednesday the Agency TASS, 8 November, the Russian motorists will travel on the roundabout by the new rules. According to the new traffic priority traffic receives a vehicle that is already moving in a circle. Entering the ring by other drivers, has to miss it. Previously entering the roundabout, the cars had the advantage. This intersection should be indicated by a sign “Circular motion”.

The entry into force of new rules the Agency was told in the press service of the interior Ministry.

It is noted that changes in traffic regulations accepted according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1300, dated 26 Oct. The lack of a unified scheme of intersections with circular movement often leads to vehicle collision, according to the help document.

At the end of last month the issue was raised by first Deputy Chairman of Russian government Igor Shuvalov. Deputy Prime Minister then stated that the practice of priority traffic circle exists in the world and almost in all the countries of the Organization for economic cooperation and development. Earlier in Russia was not the General rule for roundabout intersections, so “there was some confusion which led to heavy consequences,” said Shuvalov.

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