Kalyagin has collected an extraordinary Secretariat in the case Serebrennikov

A closed meeting of the Secretariat of the Union of theatrical figures (STD), which was attended by Directors of leading theatres in Moscow, the Federal capital, and subordination, on 8 November.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Kirill Serebrennikov

There was nobody from the Ministry of culture, only the presidential adviser on culture Vladimir Tolstoy and Natalia Draznikova from the Moscow Department of culture. Two hours there was a meeting, and all said only one thing — that it is necessary to change the conditions of existence of the work of creative organisations. And absolutely everything the speakers said about the need not only to change the measure of restraint, but to drop all charges in the case, “the Seventh Studio” with the former head of Department of support of folk arts and crafts Sofia Apfelbaum.

This, in particular, said Chairman STD Alexander Kalyagin: “We understand that the existing legislative provisions for the regulation of creative processes unsuitable, and we need to come up with a proposal to the President about the revision of the existing regulatory mechanisms, as well as a proposal to start preparing a new law “On culture” and involvement in its preparation representatives of the theater community.

The case of the “Seventh Studio” is just one part of a revealing campaign of theater. In parallel, the loud reports from the courtroom, a lot of articles with screaming headlines in the information field there is a “investigation” transparency international conflict of interest in theaters. And again theater presented by scammers who sign themselves fees and who are willing by any means to snatch “a piece of meatier”.

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