“Let form”: the teacher tried to disrupt a student’s performance with a naked actor

The head of the Studio School-Studio of MKHAT Dmitry Brusnikin has declared, that will not prohibit their students show on the stage play “Janko Krul Albanian”, in which on a scene there is a naked actor.

The conflict over the play arose after his show at the festival “Podium” on the stage, according to the telegram-channel Super, ran the drama Institute. Shchukin Vladimir Poglazov with a demand to stop the idea, reminding him of the statement, “one Director, who is now under investigation” (apparently, Kirill Serebrennikov — ed.). Their Poglazov compared to “public house”, shouting from the stage that the participants of such performances “theatre tramping in the mud.”

Commenting on the incident, the Agency “Moscow”, Brusnikin questioned the professional qualifications of colleagues from Ashley: “Let them form a little bit, learn about who are these authors, what is the oberiuts, Dadaism, and let them know about any issues that interested”.

photo: telegram

Brusnikin regretted that students were confused by the demarche Poglazova, then how could it make it part of the show.

“I hope she (play – ed) will be placed somewhere else, I’m not going to prohibit it, we want to keep this job,” — said the teacher of the School.

We will add that on the website of the Shchukin school in the biography Poglazova, born in 1945, says that “his teaching method – the maximum creative freedom of the student”.

Play “Janko Krul Albanian” written by futurist Ilya Zdanevich in 1916: it first appears deliberately distorted “the Albanian language”, which became popular in Runet in two thousand years.

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