Medina has stood up for morality in the play Mat with a naked actor

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the demanded an explanation from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, whose performance of “Janko Krul Albanian” on the scene a Nude actor.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Recall that the scandal of the play broke out after his show on stage ran a teacher Shchukin school, Vladimir Poglazov and demanded an end to “trample theatre in the dirt”: in his opinion, student’s statement reminded “the performances of one Director, who is now under investigation” (apparently — Kirill Serebrennikov — ed.)

In response to the demarche Poglazova the head of the Studio of MKhAT Dmitry Brusnikin stood up for the actors, noting that thanks to the play of his critics at least “learn about who are these authors, what is the oberiuts, Dadaism, and let them know about some issues, interested in” (play “Janko Krul Albanian authored by the futurist Ilya Zdanevich, written in 1916).

Medina, however, said RIA “Novosti” that sent a request to the rector of the School-Studio of Igor Zolotovitsky intend to find out, “they teach children”. The Minister in this case, “fortunately, the play is not seen”, although he expressed doubts as to the talent of its Director and actors, as well as their minimal professional skills.

The Minister added that “the state theatre, especially, the School should observe the canons of morality. Especially if this performance are the students.” He felt it necessary to intervene in the creative process for the protection of public morality.

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