Muscovite with a knife he won a place in the queue for the phone

Attempt to purchase a fancy smartphone latest model the queue was almost turned to the Muscovite serious trouble. College student expected to purchase the gadget with the help of a group of southerners and turned them 93 thousand rubles, but it all ended with the fact that in the course went the knife and pepper spray.

As we found out “MK”, the incident occurred on 3 November at about 10.30 in line at the Department store. 19-the summer student of one of the Metropolitan colleges, Vladimir came to the store to buy a new-fangled smartphone. However, the young man convinced himself that the queue for the new gadget is not a myth. The young man decided not to waste time in the crowd of fans and asked a group of men of Caucasian appearance, who missed the cards of people queue.

As told to militiamen Vladimir, local businessmen offered him 5 thousand rubles to take him to the counter, or transfer 93 thousand for the already bought their man’s phone. As a second option for the cost of a place in the queue was cheaper, young man using mobile Bank transferred the money to a stranger. He tried twice to implement promised: first, he gave his card to the man who was going to buy a gadget, but as a product dispensed at the rate of one smartphone in one hand, the attempt was not crowned with success. Inside the enterprising Caucasians was not pass protection, suspecting that something was wrong. When Vladimir demanded to return him the money, “reshaly” said that they have no mobile banking and need to go to the office, where it is ATM. All together they got into a white Volkswagen and drove to the area of Paveletsky station. In the middle of the road the car stopped and one of the passengers told Vladimir that already transferred the money. The young man informed the companions that the SMS notification he did not come, and continued to demand their money. The driver said that it was time for him to go and demanded that all left Saloni. Around 12.00 near the house 18 on the street Tatar, the company entered into the street. One crook tried to escape from Vladimir, but he had not left him a single meter. According to the student, when he already knew that trying to trick him, he sprayed in the face of a fleeing man from pepper spray and threw him in the back with a folding knife. After this act of desperation the man turned around and pushed the guy back. Caucasian sat astride it and began to threaten with a knife, who picked up the asphalt.

Seeing this picture, passers-by called the police. As eyewitnesses told, when he heard the sirens, the assailant jumped out of the reclining youth and tried to hide in a dumpster. But Vladimir caught the attention of law enforcement officers and pointed out where I hid it deceived the dealer places in the queue.

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At present militiamen carry out on the given fact check. November 8 and defrauded student contacted his lawyer opponetov and said that his client also went to the police with a statement. The lawyer suggested to solve everything peacefully. After some time on the a student card the money was transferred in the amount of 93 thousand rubles.

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