Nizhegorodets strangled 4-year-old son, jealous of his wife

The investigative Committee for Nizhny Novgorod region has solved a brutal murder of a child, thus the reason for the massacre of 4-year-old boy has shocked even experienced investigators. As it turned out, the baby was strangled by his own father, who grew jealous of the child to his wife.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

The other day a statement about the missing child turned the boy’s mother. According to her, on 3 November she took my son to kindergarten, where his father picked him up. However, the home of the child the man and failed.

Soon the man was detained during a search in his garage found the child’s body with signs of violent death.

According to the Novgorod newspaper Logored, the suspect killed the child in the apartment. The reason for the punishment was the photo in social networks: the mother of the child has published a photo of him and named her son “My beloved man”.

Friends of the family said that the boy’s father no longer lived with his wife and child, however, regularly sent the wife threatening messages.

Currently, the heartbroken mother of the child is in the hospital because of heart problems. Infanticide detained, criminal case is brought.

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