Not one alive Shved Russian basketball: super match “Khimki” – CSKA

Poster “Khimki” – CSKA in price again! Basketball expert “MK” standing at the origins of the United League Alexander Fedotov – on the first season meeting top Russian clubs, whose opposition promises to add intrigue not only our domestic championship and the Euroleague.

Photo: Alexander Fedotov.

On the outskirts of Khimki arena people are desperately begging for an extra ticket – the interest in this game was through the roof. About four thousand in the stands, numerous guests of honor and basketball experts, the hype in the press box… All gathered in anticipation of a bright and unpredictable action.

Which, admittedly, rivals badly contributed. Updated Khimki led by Alexey Shved shock started in the Euroleague, where in the last round, beat the itself is real Madrid! Whereas CSKA too well of changed in the offseason, last month did not look invincible machine (the match with the same “real” soldiers, by the way, lost) and gave reason to doubt the superiority over the competitor. To call a clear favorite in this, the first of the season match of the giants of club basketball is not risked nobody. Here it is, the intrigue!

Players of “Khimki”, as if smelling the scent of blood from a wounded victim, immediately rushed to the attack. Three three-pointers in the opening provided the hosts the lead in the first quarter. However, the impression of the weakness of the army was deceptive. In the second 10-minute charges leaskovski Greek Itoudis startled, angry, added protection. And now they control the game, forcing the Swede with partners to make mistakes and to take hasty shots. While that is encouraging, a key role in the revival of CSKA played not a foreign player, and our player: Nikita Kurbanov. Forward of CSKA was everywhere – to score, to defend, insure, run to the gap… Not one alive Shved Russian basketball!

The degree of tension on the court sometimes surpasses that turned in the second quarter, two technical fouls Etudes and his compatriot, the head coach “Podmoskovie” Bartsocas – or the temperamental head coaches of both teams would not have been Greeks.

Khimki, of course, didn’t surrender. After the break, the hosts began to rectify the situation and almost succeeded. Twice in the third and fourth quarters of the deficit was reduced to one point. But unfortunately for local fans, to achieve more they are not allowed. CSKA showed that it remains all the same CSKA team with great strength and unwavering faith in their own strength. Yes, now he has no Serbian wizard of Teodosic. However, De Colo (23 points + 9 assists in the game with “Khimki”), Kurbanov (21 points) and Hines (15) have not gone away. Plus – added a Rodriguez (13+9 assists), I believe Cliburn (14) and hunter (8 + 8 rebounds).

As a result, the final “+15” (96:81) on the scoreboard. And the last five minutes of the match CSKA held without their head coach! Itoudis, received from the referee a second technical foul, was removed from the platform and watched the game, standing near the exit of the hall, surrounded by the beauties of the Khimki team. However, I think even in this moment, enjoying such a nice society and a well-deserved victory, Itoudis was well aware that he won the battle but not the battle: the main matches against this opponent his team ahead.

Basketball blockbuster Khimki against CSKA this season will be held in the format of the series, where we will come at least three episodes (two games in the framework of the Euroleague and one in the second round of the League). And if you’re lucky, which is very likely, it will be also a continuation – in the playoffs!

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