The ninth-grader secretly gave birth and dumped son to die on the advice of his mother

Terrible in its cynicism the crime occurred in the Tula region. In early November, a 15-year-old resident of the village gave birth to a boy. The unwanted heir — a burden to the family — to such conclusion came a young mother along with a grandmother of a newborn. Without hesitation, the women Packed the baby in a garbage bag and threw it in the nearby container.

The details of the monstrous crime — the article “MK”.

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L. the village where the tragedy took place is 40 km from Tula. Information about this place you won’t find on the Internet. Only scarce data about its geographical position. Famous godforsaken place only once, when locals began to fill up with angry letters to the district administration. The essence of the claims — lack of trash cans and illegal dumping throughout. His words, the villagers have confirmed numerous photographs.

Not surprisingly, the young mother decided to get rid of the baby, throwing the baby in one of the crowded tanks. The woman knew that the garbage in the village are not taken for weeks, hoping that in the near future is unlikely someone will notice the corpse.

Solved the crime, a local resident, who daily looked through the containers in search of expired products.

Local journalists filmed the revelation of the pensioner.

“I’m a fan of the boxes to climb, is embarrassed, and told the lady. – I wonder what lies there, like to see. This time I was looking for a garbage bag. Mine are all over. I went to four of the tank. One of them poured out their garbage. Back. Looked in every box of garbage. Anything suitable did not find. Suddenly I see, in one bag I need sticks out. And it doll. I yanked the doll’s leg, and it is soft and cold. Her umbilical cord on the meter runs and the last, like a ball hanging. Still fresh. Well, here I am, and raised the cry”.

The cry came, the whole village. Someone rushed to the district. Soon on the scene, a crowd of local residents, doctors, police officers. The latter began to question the bystanders around the nearby junkyard home. One of the first residential premises and found the house that most of the baby’s mother.

Police went inside and saw Maria (name changed — Ed.), which was bleeding. Of course, they all understood. Immediately called her an ambulance and sent to hospital. And was grilling the girl’s parents, – says a resident of the village. – Like mother admitted that she told the daughter to get rid of the newborn. She took delivery. Guided instruction on the Internet.

Why have women decided to kill the baby and how 15-year-old girl hid her pregnancy from teachers — this is what we told friends of Mary.

– Masha studies in 9 class. From the normal school she was expelled and transferred to a school where to send children who do not pull on any subject. From whom Mary was pregnant, like she didn’t know. Pregnancy from teachers and neighbors were hiding. All time used uticaj that his stomach was not so evident, wore loose clothing. The school to pull the stomach it is justified by the fact that pierced umbilicus and the abdomen inflated. Curious questions, he answered “recovered”. Her father did not notice that her daughter is pregnant, otherwise she would suit cheerful life. The mother is also a long time did not react, not to the child she was. When the neighbours began to hint that her daughter was pregnant, she shrugged: “can Not be”. The woman understood, when the stomach daughter climbed on his forehead. But Mary’s father until the end remained in ignorance. That night, when Mary went into labor, the head of the family was at work. To avoid scandal with her husband or ADO neighbors, the mother advised the daughter to have a home birth and get rid of the baby.

The whole procedure delivery and further actions the women watched the brother of Mary. He then told the guards that “the mother washed the child, wrapped somewhere and claimed” because I was scared of the reaction of the spouse.

On the page in the social network there are photographs of Mary. One of them clearly shows that the girl is very pregnant — no adjustment on the last time did not help to hide the stomach.

– Of course, in the village saw that Mary was pregnant, but no one ever told her that. Why? She minded girl. Everything is just hand waving that stupid to take? – continues the interviewee. The family even managed to cover their tracks. The dumpster, where she left her baby, is right under their Windows. Far did not.

– Maria’s family was considered prosperous?

– Local with them don’t really even talked. The family of Mary strange. Her mother had been drinking, but not often. The daughter did not watch much, even to wear a normal Masha could not, the school girl wore rags. Maybe not enough money? Mother works as a cleaner in Tver, father is a mechanic.

The corpse of a baby was discovered on 6 November. According to the villagers, gave birth to Mary on 5 November — in the evening at her house was playing loud music so the mother decided to drown out the cries of the mothers.

– If it was warm outside, the child might have survived. But now the frost had struck. That night, when the baby threw it, the temperature dropped to minus 5 degrees. The kid froze quickly – added villagers.

Now the house where the child was killed — were empty. With the girl’s parents, investigators are working. On the farm there was one grandmother

– According to rumors, the parents of Mary are going to deprive of the parental rights, their children sent to an orphanage. Mary herself is now in the hospital. It brought heavy bleeding. Mother thought it goes all pass, and therefore did not cause the doctors. In the house the girl doesn’t talk to anyone, kept to himself.

– The deceased child was buried?

Who’s going to bury him? The one who was killed? It is now clearly not up to the funeral.

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