“The UN has called for an Arab coalition of Saudi Arabia to lift the blockade of Yemen

– The UN has called the Saudi-led Arab coalition to lift the blockade of Yemen, hindering the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the country, told journalists on Tuesday the representative of the UN Stefan Dujarric.

“The blockade of the ports, airports, land routes had a very negative effect on the situation which is already catastrophic. All parties to the conflict should open and facilitate safe and rapid humanitarian access to all needy people through ports and airports,” he said.

Led by Saudi Arabia, the coalition surrounded the border of Yemen the day before.

According to the UN, Yemen’s 20 million people need humanitarian assistance, of which 7 million are on the verge of starvation. Also, according to the UN, Yemen is rampant cholera, and at the moment was 850 thousand cases of cholera or people with suspicion on this disease.

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