Astronomers have discovered “the immortal” supernova

An international group of researchers from Australia, Israel, China, USA and Sweden have discovered a star that is not only not extinguished after a supernova explosion, but exploded again in just over 50 years after that. According to the researchers, “Immortals” star, which they dubbed the “star-zombie”, makes a fresh look at some of the conventional ideas about space.


Star called iPTF14hls interested scientists after glow from it, contrary to expectations, did not fade after a supernova explosion in September 2014. Further investigation revealed that in the same place, a supernova explosion occurred about fifty years before this and also did not lead to destruction or fading stars. It is believed that after the first and only explosion of a supernova almost any luminary turns either in a rapidly cooling neutron star or a black hole.

Although the discovery surprised scientists, they stress that the existence of such object from the point of view of modern ideas about space to explain. Under the assumption of astrophysicists, they were able to observe the so-called pulsating pair-instability supernova that occurred in the explosion of a star, which is almost entirely composed of hydrogen and helium. However, until now it was thought that

Experts also point out that in reality iPTF14hls may not be the only “star-zombie” discovered to date, but monitoring with less sophisticated telescopes in the past were not allowed to notice the same features of other luminaries.

The study was published in the journal Nature.

Not so long ago, other experts said that he discovered outside the Solar system, another space object, which may force to some extent to rethink the scientists ‘ ideas about space. We are talking about a gas giant, comparable in size to Jupiter, but rotating in orbit small stars — it is considered that the “creation of a” gas giant similar bodies would not have enough substance.

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