“Kevin spacey in already-shot film, Ridley Scott be replaced by another actor

– Director Ridley Scott intends to cut scenes with the participation of actor Kevin spacey from the movie “All the money in the world”, shooting of which was considered already completed, and to replace him with another actor, announced on Thursday, the American channel CNN.

According to the channel, spacey in the film, which premiered to be held on December 22, will replace actor Christopher Plummer.

CNN noted that the decision to replace the actors, Scott and the producers of the picture took with the full support of the film company Sony Pictures, alleging the shooting.

Previously, Sony Pictures announced that in connection with the scandalous situation around the spacey, “All the money in the world” will not participate in the film festival AFI Fest.

The scandal surrounding actor broke out when the 46-year-old actor Anthony RAPP accused spacey of sexual harassment. According to RAPP, it occurred at a party in 1986, when he was 14 years old, and spacey is 26 years old. Spacey, in response, apologized to the actor, adding that he doesn’t remember that incident.

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