Let’s dance, as the first time!

Festival “Autoradio” “the Disco 80-h” for 16 consecutive years, becoming one of the most notable musical events of the year. In the capital’s “Olympic” every time he was going to 30 thousand spectators. They are attracted to proven an explosive mixture of romantic, light music of the 80s and a bright, high-tech show that accompanies the presentation of each artist.

C. C. Catch — one of the most loved stars of “Disco 80s”.

This year the XVI international music festival “Disco 80s” will be held in Moscow on 25 November. As always, the audience can hear the best hits of 80s, has long become a classic. World stage will present Bonnie Tyler, C. C. Catch, Boney M (Liz Mitchell), Bad Boys Blue, Samantha Fox, Ricchi e Poveri, Joy, Ottawan, Pupo. Among domestic stars — Yuri Shatunov, Vladimir Presnyakov, Valery Syutkin, Sergey Belikov, Igor Saruhanov, Yury Loza, Alexander Ivanov and group “the Rondo”, “Flowers”.

Many of these artists went on stage “Disco 80-x” repeatedly, and each of them, the audience takes, as the first time. But none of the festivals is not without surprises. This year the audience will enjoy a rare visit — honored rockers Maxim Leonidov and Konstantin Nikolsky. But the main gift will become part of the legendary Smokie. Vocalist and guitarist of the classic lineup, Chris Norman had come to the “Disco 80s”, but the band will play on the show for the first time.

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