Offended the Deputy of the state Duma “leytenantik” dragged by car military investigator

The most important Russian policeman who probably lives in the capital of Tatarstan. In Kazan once the story hit the traffic police, who had previously stopped and tried to inspect the car of the Deputy of the state Duma, which caused the dissatisfaction of the “people’s choice”. This time the guard was almost killed under the wheels of the cars of the military investigator.

As reports the edition KazanFirst, 25-year-old military investigator on his SUV dragged the traffic police on the hood about six meters. After stopping a police officer almost landed under the bus. Also, the magazine has published video of the incident.

The driver was detained the victim and his coworker. According to the publication, the victim is a policeman — the same “Lieutenant”, who has recently complained to the Deputy of the state Duma from Tatarstan Republic Fatih sibagatullin.

“People’s choice” and member of “United Russia” stated that his car, despite the presence of labels “Duma”, was stopped by traffic police inspector. The guard tried to inspect the trunk of the car.

The “written “state Duma”, and he admits to nothing, the little Lieutenant, but the bolt stopped, forcing open the trunk, I said, not afraid of anybody, his mouth looks”, – said the Deputy of meeting of deputies on the issues of implementation of Federal target programs in Kazan.

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