Pregnant Muscovite staged a mass accident, trying to return to her former husband

Expensive foreign car of the former civil wife, and three of the neighbor’s machine broke a 37-year-old pregnant Muscovite in the afternoon of 8 November on the Barvikhinskaya street. The lady was taken to hospital, where it is mandatory to consult a psychiatrist.

photo: a frame from the video

As it became known “MK”, the joint lives of a young couple collapsed 8 months ago, when the head of the family, a successful entrepreneur, left the family. At this moment men and women grew the General’s son (he is now three years old), in addition, it was expected the addition of Anastasia (before the maternity leave she worked as a Director in Gorky Park) was at the initial stage of pregnancy. Nevertheless, her husband could not withstand the extremely impulsive nature of the better half, which has worsened in connection with the interesting position. He moved to his apartment on ulitsa Barvikhinskaya, leaving a former wife dwelling near the metro station “VDNKH”. The man, as he claims, performed his duties fully, generously paying for the content of Anastasia and son. He left the lady a car “infinity” which once gave as a gift.

Until recently, the former spouses managed to keep a calm attitude, but on Wednesday Anastasia (she’s at 34-36 weeks of gestation) as if pereklinilo. She was put in the car son and went to visit her ex-husband. Went to his home, the boy stuck in his hands and went down to the street. Anastasia sat down behind the wheel and began to RAM the range Rover spouse. In parallel, she hooked three more cars of local residents. The lady was stopped by witnesses. They sat her on a bench and called an ambulance. Physicians sent the patient to the hospital — she’s going to birth a boy. Also your will help and a specialist in mental diseases. According to the wife, She not was, although I had some bells — somehow she was trying to pour a flammable liquid.

The damage from the actions of women are decent, it will have to reimburse ex-husband — none of the cars are not insured on the hull.

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“From toxicity to neurosis: pregnant tripled massive crash in spite of the former”


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