Returned from Syria, four soldiers were killed in a terrible accident

In the Altai region in the early morning local time there was a terrible accident, which killed four Russian soldiers, recently returned from Syria. According to preliminary data, they were in a hurry, and flew into the oncoming lane on a snowy road.

photo: a frame from the video

As reported in the regional head office of the Ministry of interior, the Agency Amitel, a terrible accident occurred at 06:45 local time in Topchikhinsky district in the 106-kilometer highway A-322.

Toyota, which was four people, was moving from Barnaul to Aleysk side. According to preliminary data, the driver has not coped with management, at some point, jumped into the oncoming lane, crashed there in the guardrail and then collided with a bus Foton. In the end, here still flew and Renault, moving in the same direction.

Judging from the photos one of the cars was badly dented and stuck the nose of Unis, sandwiched between the fence and the bus, and the other overturned and was thrown to the curb.

The accident killed the driver and three passengers of a Toyota. And the driver and passengers of the Renault is hospitalized. In the bus nobody has suffered.

According to “NGS. News”, “Toyota” there were four fighters airborne reconnaissance company aleyskaya military unit №41659. Relatives of the victims said that the three of them less than a month ago returned from Syria, and 21-year-old driver is just three years ago. The guys left for home leave and was in a hurry for service to the native part.

The witness also told reporters that in the morning on the track was very dangerous ice.

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