Russian girls fire turned out to be the fastest

About 200 firefighters and rescuers of the 14 regions and from the Republic of Belarus has taken part in a unique competition of “Vertical challenge” speed ascents on the tallest building in St. Petersburg.

The participants overcame 39 floors is 936 degrees, or 145 meters, the vertical climb in full combat gear and with means of individual protection of respiratory organs.

— In cities now built many high-rise buildings. In case of emergency from the concerted action and training of rescuers can save lives, said during the solemn ceremony of opening of competitions the Vice-Governor of the Northern capital Alexander Talkers.

The winner of the competition of “Vertical challenge” again became the representative of the Minsk city Department of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Klyuyko. This year, he improved his result by 10 seconds, having won the 145-metre rise 4 minutes and 47 seconds.

As he said himself the winner, his victory, he was preparing very carefully. After on duty practiced in climbing the highest building in Minsk.

Among the race participants were women. The winner of the competition among women was Olga Kontanistova, radiotelephone 23rd fire and rescue squad in Moscow, which finished with a time of 10 minutes 51 seconds. Lost her by the time the representative of Voronezh Diane Kleiman, and conquered the skyscraper in the first 11 minutes, 17 seconds. Third place was taken by a volunteer fireman from St. Petersburg Maria Orlova.

For guests of the event on the Playground in front of the Leader tower was deployed a large interactive Playground, an exhibition of modern pieces of firefighting and rescue techniques, many of which entered service of the Petersburg rescuers to the FIFA confederations Cup-2017.

EMERCOM of Russia in the name of life 2017. Chronicle of events

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