Telephone terrorists mock the inhabitants of Izhevsk: went calls about mining

In Izhevsk continues the rubble of the collapsed entrance of the house 261 on street Udmurt. At the moment there are already four bodies. According to some reports, among the victims are 60-year-old woman and a small child. Perhaps this is the family of which our newspaper wrote earlier…


500 residents of the house have been evacuated. Temporarily they were forced to move into school No. 86 and 84. At the same time some dirty dog began to call the police with the message on a mining of shopping centres and schools. Hastily had to evacuate the shopping center “Peter”, “Sigma” and “Talisman”. Including reported about a mining of schools 86, which has already started arriving evacuees. They had to transfer to another place. Izhevchane networks actively clamor “phone bombers,” and promise stuff they face when detected. The citizens themselves have already actively collect things for the affected families. I must say that the explosion was damaged to different degrees 32 apartments, but completely destroyed eight three-sections. The other apartments in the same stairwell survived. But all the same it is impossible to live, because it is unclear how the house will go on. For example, had to urgently evacuate the furniture store on the ground floor in another wing of this building, because it began to give plate…

Meanwhile, from the rubble in the last hour had learned six people. During one of the rescuers received a hand injury: he injured his fingers dangling rope.

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“The explosion that destroyed the house in Izhevsk, was recorded by the dash camera”


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