The action “Safe ice” was launched in Siberia

Preventive action “Safe ice” on the rules of safe behaviour on water objects was launched last week in the regions of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East.

Started the campaign, reminded the rescuers will continue to go for five months, from November to March inclusive. On the water, in order to avoid failures of people and equipment under the ice, will be on duty rescuers and with the population being educated conversation about the rules of safe behavior on the rivers and lakes in the winter.

Except for rescue workers to preventive work will involve law enforcement officers, local officials, organizations, and agencies. Social activists along with the rescuers will conduct classes and training in educational institutions and on camp sites located near water bodies, to organize information-explanatory work with the population, to inspect the mass of fishermen out and check out equipment outside the ice crossings.

By the way, preventive action “Safe ice”, reported in the EMERCOM of Russia, last year has brought significant results. So, in 2016 on the territory of Siberia the number of accidents on water bodies were reduced by 41 percent and death by 38 percent.

EMERCOM of Russia in the name of life 2017. Chronicle of events

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