The cause of the collapse of the house in Izhevsk could be the plastic window

Durable plastic Windows and deterioration of prefabricated structures could be the cause of the partial collapse of a residential building in Izhevsk in the gas explosion, he said.

The main version of the collapse of the whole entrance in a residential house №261 on the street Udmurt in Izhevsk remains explosion of household gas. According to one version, the cause of the explosion was a gas leak due to violations of technology of stretch ceilings in the repair in one of apartments. As suggested by the Professor of the Moscow state construction University and the Moscow Academy fire service of EMERCOM of Russia, doctor of technical Sciences Vladimir Roytman, the collapse occurred due to the fact that the cotton products of the explosive combustion are unable to penetrate plastic double-glazed Windows and escape outside the apartment. “If we used to have window frames were made of wood and glass hanging out there, it is already at a low pressure of five kPa these glasses were opened. And the products of the explosive burning were thrown out and burned there. It led to the rise of pressure inside to a level that is dangerous to other structures. In this case there was a progressive collapse of major structures, because plastic window blocks have a very high strength comparable to the strength of adjacent structures”.

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Why blow up a building in Izhevsk, experts suspect the ceilings

The expert also admitted that an explosion could occur due to the fact that the apartment was broken ventilation system. “Modern housing is exposed to uncontrolled alterations. Often residents cover ventilation ducts and any uncontrolled leak of gas occurs from the lower concentration limit of inflammability of combustible gas. And then there can be an explosion.”

Another factor which, together, could lead to the collapse of the entire staircase is probably the wear designs a house. “The building there was a panel, was operated for almost thirty years. A prefabricated house is vulnerable to the occurrence of defects during operation. For example, due to leakage of the joints of these panels are subjected to corrosion.”


The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov has announced expansion of rescue operations at the site of the tragedy in Izhevsk. “EMERCOM of Russia increases grouping of forces and means for liquidation of consequences of collapse of house in Izhevsk. On the arrival of rescuers from Bashkortostan, in the Perm region. Turn to the Siberian regional centre – raise Siberian rescue squad, take all the necessary gear and move. Work continued around the clock with security requirements”, – said the Minister.

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“The explosion that destroyed the house in Izhevsk, was recorded by the dash camera”


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