The details of the death of his daughter Gurchenko fell between the cars, couldn’t speak

The details of the death of the daughter of the great actress Lyudmila Gurchenko 58-year-old Mary as the Queen became known to “MK”. The woman died in front of the household on Wednesday morning near his home in Vishnyakovskaya lane.

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As told police the daughter of Queen Helena, around 10.00, the three of them, accompanied by granddaughter Tasi walked out the door and went to the car parked in the Parking lot ready to go. By the way, usually at this time every day, Mary B. was walking his dog, and on Wednesday morning the boardwalk with the animal was moved to an earlier time.

Suddenly on the way to Maria Borisovna became ill, she fell on the asphalt between the cars. Said the neighbor, an older home that was going to get in your car to go to work, daughter father lay with open eyes, but could not speak. Everyone thought I had a stroke. The woman called emergency services of the city, and then left. And Elena, along with two passers-by suffered a mother on the bench. To arrival of physicians in five minutes Mary B. died.

Daughter Elena said that he could not even guess the cause of death it will become known after the examination. Thursday a grieving relative is going to the morgue to begin preparing for the ritual procedures. The question is, where will be buried Maria Borisovna, is still open.

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