The explosion in Izhevsk: blame the cheaters or old plate

The story of the explosion of an apartment house in Izhevsk acquires new details. One of the preliminary versions of the emergencies Ministry called the explosion of domestic gas, a situation not new for Russia. Criminal case is already brought, and the locals share versions: maybe the reason of tragedy became the new counters of gas, delivered by someone unknown and who knows how.

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The number of deaths in the explosion in the house №261 on the street Udmurt has grown to four people, this is reported by security officers working at the scene. The head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov has already held a conference call in connection with state of emergency in Izhevsk. The Minister said that the MOE strengthens the group in the aftermath of the collapse of the house. Also trained aviation in case of victims would have to be evacuated by air.

Now the MOE inspects the house, then be prepared for the conclusion on stability of structures — recall that one of the possible causes of the explosion are called weak connecting joints between the panels, which structure is fragile. This is a problem associated with the original layout of the house.

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Other version — explosion of household gas, which was provoked by a wrong installation of meters. Local residents share in the social networks of memories of how some time ago the house was visited by an unknown who offered to replace the counters — not specified, check whether someone documents these “experts”. If so, then tragic consequences, alas, is quite understandable.

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“There was video from the scene of the collapse of the house in Izhevsk: dust pillar”


How to protect yourself from scams and how to keep gas equipment in his apartment, “MK” talked to the Chairman of the Committee on entrepreneurship in the housing sector chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation Andrey Shirokov.

The topic of explosion of household gas in Russia POPs up regularly. If you come to the house is unknown, which propose to change the counter, you have every right not to let them into his apartment. In this case you need to raise your agreement with the management company and check to see who services your house. If you have a HOA, you need to contact the President and find out — are held generally in the house some work or not. For all work in the house today answering owner. Competent management organization must understand that the owner is responsible for his property not only in the matter of payment of housing and communal services, but in terms of content farms, explained Shirokov.

According to the specialist, fraud associated with the illegal installation of counters of gas, while not too common in Russia. However, as noted Shirokov, there is another cause for concern.

Not only in Izhevsk, but also in the whole country today is 80 percent of the gas stoves of the old model. For example, the exploding house was built in 1990, that is a gas stove there for almost 30 years. They have long should be replaced by modern models. If the apartment stood an old pattern, then it could happen is simple: the gas accumulated in the kitchen, then the residents struck a match or flicked on the light. Gas long dialed in the right amount, although in an old house probably not work the system of forced ventilation, however, an explosion can occur quickly, and the impact will be strong. We see that part of the nine-storey building just turned into rubbish, – said Shirokov.

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“The explosion that destroyed the house in Izhevsk, was recorded by the dash camera”


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