The police attack on a random passerby, the court estimated at 10 thousand rubles

The resident of Kazan Rafael Safin Supreme court of Tatarstan decided to pay 10 thousand rubles for assaulting him the two police officers that occurred in 2014.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The police explained that on August 16 2014 watched the entrance of a house of 55-year-old suspect in the murder, but was mistaken in the dark attacked the 20-year-old boy, aiming their pistols at him and cried “Stop!” Safin was frightened and began to run away, then the police twice fired, stopping the young man, handcuffed him and beat feet.

Thus, even making sure got the wrong guy, police handcuffs are not removed, the guns were removed and continued to threaten them, leaving the young man to kneel: security officials explained their actions by the fact that Safina was allegedly the subject similar to the weapon, although nothing later in the scene found and was not.

Excited under pressure from human rights activists, the criminal case against the police SC was closed in October 2016, but today, as reported represents the interests of the claimant lawyer Andrey Suchkov, collaborating with the human rights organization “Area law” and the Kazan human rights center, Safina was awarded compensation of moral harm for illegal criminal prosecution.

While he also appealed to the ECHR with a complaint against torture. “We believe that Russian authorities had violated article 3 of the Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. We are talking about inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment by police officers”, — commented on the lawsuit of Knots.

Let’s add that those who attacked the police Safina worked in OP “Safiullina” the former OP “far”, after the torture in which began the reform of the police in 2012.

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