Version of fire in the building SVR: people died because of the top secrecy

A fire in an underground reservoir building of the foreign intelligence Service in a forest near the Moscow district of Yasenevo, according to some estimates, claimed the lives of three workers on 8 November.

a frame from the video

As it became known “MK”, the first signal about the fire was received by the MOE at 15.34 — before the workers of a secret organization tried to cope with fire independently, without involving outsiders (in the RAF has its own fire mini part, but this time she was powerless). Arrived at the scene the fire trucks from different divisions of Moscow, including part No. 120 Kommunarka, two steps away from the SVR. In total gathered 40 units.

According to rescuers, it was lost time due to supercomplex grounds pass. A fire was blazing powerful: in the tunnel in the basement ignited the cables, which there very much. “There were high voltage, and others, it is unclear for what purposes,” — said a source in the emergencies Ministry. Note, in the forest area in this place built an entire underground city, paved kilometers of tunnels. Some employees of the SVR put on gas masks and closed in the room, the other pulled to fresh air fire.

Three people to death by inhaled carbon monoxide, although officially the press service of the SVR did not confirm this fact. The fire managed to overcome the 3.00 Thursday — this time a special object left past the fire trucks.

The bodies of the city funeral services were carrying — most likely they were taken to a Moscow morgue workers themselves intelligence.

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