Why blow up a building in Izhevsk, experts suspect the ceilings

The capital of Udmurtia, 650-thousand Izhevsk, yesterday survived a terrible night. 16.48 in local time (in Moscow was the middle of the day) in the city centre, on the corner of streets Udmurt and 10 years of October, after the outbreak exploded and struck a porch of a 9-storey building. Under the rubble were dozens of people. Version of a gas explosion, who was born hot on the heels is obvious: every winter in Russia is 5-6 such tragedies. Udmurtia is still “gas attack” avoided. Although alarm bells and even the cautions were.

photo: a frame from the video


House 261 on the street Udmurt was built in 1990. The material of the walls of the house block. Number of floors – 9, and entrances – 6. All apartments in the apartment building — 199. On the first floor — branch of Bank “AK bars”, “Magnit” stores, fishing accessories, textiles, alkatvaam, microcinema office, kids ‘ club “Erudite”, Studio furniture, tattoo shop, dental clinic.

The recording cameras and DVRs dispassionately recorded the time and place of the explosion. The epicenter was located on the 3rd floor in the corner of the porch. It looked like from the middle of the house pulled out some kind of stove, and ceiling without the support crumbled down.

The first moment is shock. Again the video in a few minutes after the explosion, seen the confused faces of people, stunned the guards (police and ambulance arrived very quickly, it is the center of the city). Then the screams started. Cried those who stood outside, and those who are filled up with debris. Obviously, under the rubble formed a void, where, and asked about the help the poor people.

The worst assumptions — the wreckage of the collapsed of the children’s centre Scrabble, where in the second half of the day is always full of students. But judging by the picture, the explosion only hurt a little bit the premises of the centre.

“There is still a training centre for the exam, whispers one of the women. And classes every 4 hours begin.”

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The version of the gas explosion is considered a priority. By the way, the place of the accident, felt a sharp smell.

Of course, once there are issues to municipal services. Building 261 is administered by the UK “Spring”. Representatives of the management company said the “MK” that the communication was tested in 2016. The next inspection was planned in 4 years. So superficially the economy is in order.

To 17.30 from the rubble removed two dead (man and woman) and two survivors. Rushed from work to the residents of the house in a panic, calling family. “Where are you? Not at home? My God, what happiness!”

Compiled preliminary lists of those who could be house. Recruited eight people, including grandparents and 3-year-old grandson and two teenagers aged 15 years.

Rescuers apart the rubble to the place adapted heavy equipment. A familiar pattern of trouble. It was in Ryazan last October, in Yaroslavl in February… almost every second Russian regional center marked gas disasters. By the way, Izhevsk to the list. A few years ago there pulled the balloon in the Mall last year — again the balloon tire recapping (two died). But in homes it was nothing like this. However, local journalists sounded the alarm. A year ago the story on TV showed how the gas companies refuse to fix leaks in homes, if they do not pay for repairs to the residents themselves. Called even terrible figures: 69.9% of homes have gas spent life (30 years or more). But the case in Udmurt — other. And the most obvious remains the version of violation of the technology of stretch ceilings in the repair of housing. Therefore, most questions will be to the owners of the apartment where the explosion occurred. If they are certainly alive.

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To determine the color of the smoke in the video from Izhevsk, it was used the explosive, impossible, said the “MK” on condition of anonymity, a former employee of the special forces Center of FSB of Russia. “Even if to an experienced demolitions or EOD on a perfectly flat and solid ground to undermine a trotyl and hexogen charges, he will not be able to identify the smoke, what substance was undermined”.

Likely to have written, our interlocutor, has occurred explosion of household gas may cylinder. And such a strong fracture related to the fact that the explosion occurred on the third floor and almost all energy of the blast wave reached the porch. If the explosion was on the ground floor or in the basement — the destruction would be even greater. In contrast, in the explosion on the top floor of the main part of the energy would have gone into the atmosphere, not causing so much trouble.

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Watch the video on:
“There was video from the scene of the collapse of the house in Izhevsk: dust pillar”


Watch the video on:
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