A man dying in the apartment accordionist Peter Dranga, abused doping

What I wanted at a very unpleasant incident had recently, well-known accordionist-virtuoso Peter Dranga. The apartment is in the South of Moscow, which the young musician handed over, found the body of a bodybuilder.

As we found out “MK”, November 1, mother of Peter, which dealt with all matters related to rental “odnushku” on Nagatinsky embankment, called each tenant, 45-year-old Vadim Popov. From 23 October, the man stopped communicating, and the first alarm sounded, the courier who helped Popov, seriously addicted to weightlifting, to sell sports nutrition and drugs to gain muscle mass.

Dranga, his mother and a friend of the bodybuilder Threesome went to the address, but the key to open the door failed. It was clear that the housing is closed from the inside. In the Windows a light was burning, but really, it flickered the TV on knock nobody responded. Then the musician called in the MOE and the police. Arrived on the scene, rescuers opened the home and everyone present was opened a horrible sight. On the couch in the middle of the room on one side lay the lifeless Vadim, before he died, he apparently reached for the glass of water standing next to the chair. The experts found that Popov died about eight days ago. Traces of violent death were found. The preliminary cause of acute cardiovascular failure. Law enforcement officers found in the apartment of a huge number of different sports agents. They were Packed all the cabinets.

According to the owners, Vadim drove into the apartment in mid-April last year after a scandalous divorce with his second wife and was very worried about this. Rent in the amount of 30 thousand rubles, he never stopped and always tried to be cheerful.

As told by a friend of the deceased, Vadim worked on myself and realized sports nutrition and medicines through the online store. In early October, he flew to France to his first wife. The couple wanted to come together, but at the last moment the woman changed her mind, and the athlete returned to Russia with a broken heart. After a while he flew to Thailand, where he brought a new batch of drugs. The words of friends, Vadim could not live without stimulants and took them in handfuls. In addition, his body found traces of injections. Apparently, the priests knew that playing with fire, and his organism works to the limit.

After all investigative actions in the room I came across a piece of paper, which was lying in a conspicuous place, said a friend of Vadim. — It was a memo on the case that will refuse your heart. There was painted in detail how to start the motor if, for example, are beginning to numb limbs.

As for “odnushki”, Peter Dranga and his mother has decided to postpone the search for new tenants. Because of the terrible smell of decomposition and the characteristic spots, which are unable to handle even the employees of a cleaning company, they will have to do major repairs.

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