He was the perfect European: unknown Mikhail Zadornov

When he walked down the corridor of the editorial office, be sure to smile to everyone who met eyes. And Hello too every. Such a purely European habit was Mikhail Zadornov. The paradox — he was the perfect European, although skeptical of Europe, tending to his philosophy to the East.

To say about Mikhail Nikolayevich “was” miserable. Because it’s hard to imagine a real living person. Such ambitious plans, I can barely keep up to write him about the books he is going to write about the movies that are being filmed and will soon be removed, where just returned and where he was going to go in the coming days. About the monument to Pushkin’s nurse Arina Rodionovna, who he soon put in Pushkinskiye Gory and the competition for the project of which was announced in the “MK” — with prizes to winners from my own pocket. Talented students who helped to carry out their projects. Like all his works, plans, thoughts, ideas fit into the life of one man — it was unclear and is still unclear.

Life is so complicated that for many years I did it for the “MK” interview with Zadornov. And he has challenged me many of his innovations: “Ira, do you think that such an expression?”, “And I better with a beard or without?”, “But such a joke as you think you are funny?”. Showed they mastered the new postures of yoga. Talked about their versions of the origin of Russian words. About his interpretation of some historical events. What is most striking is when I disagreed, argued, questioned certain of his ideas, he very gently was proven right. Not angry, not exploding. But trying to convince would sit up for a few hours. Then he jumped up: “Oh, I have the same plane in an hour! Ira, well, now you agree?” “I agree, Mikhail, run, gonna be late…”

Now I scold myself for arguing. He wanted to understand…

If Zadornov didn’t pick up the phone, so he was in the sky. Flew somewhere. At any other time, be answered.

And when the sick — how to cut. Never answered the phone. His phone died long before him. Did not answer even his aides — could be heard only long hooters.

I understand that he doesn’t want to talk about the disease. Doesn’t want to be talked about more. And anything else in the state — can not. And it was very hard not being able to tell him at least a few words of support.

I have never only seen never even heard of Mikhail Nikolayevich, struck by disease. And he for me remains the same: smiling, walking on hands, bursting a bunch of plans that have to be performed.

So it’s hard for me to believe in his death.

By the way, death is one of the few topics that we never discussed.

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