How often should I calibrate the meter

I have three years as established by the housing of water meter: the apartment is registered to three people, and I live alone. But for six months, I constantly call obscure company with the requirements and proposals to carry out the verification. Is that necessary? And whether every month somewhere transfer statement?

Ariadna Bokova, Smolensk emb., 7.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As explained by experts of the capital’s urban center, to transmit the meter readings every month — if this is not done, the price for water supply (hot, cold-water and drainage) will change immediately. Accrue will be at the average calculation, but if the apartment is registered more people than live in reality (or if you use not so much water), it immediately will hit the pocket.

Immediately after the house there was a counter, you need to pass in the DCP (Central public services) act of commissioning of the meter, the contract for the payment of utility services meters and copies of passports of meters. Then each month you need to charge the device performance and transfer them to the centre of public services. You can send in person, by phone or through an online account on the portal of public services.

The issue that continually dominates the minds of Muscovites, — the verification. According to official data published on the portal of city hall, the dates on which should be checking the ISP, installed by the manufacturer and specified in the technical documentation on the devices. The average life — every four years for hot water meters and every six years for cold.

Verification is an obligatory procedure: it is performed to verify that the device accurately shows the volume of water consumed. If the verification is not passed on time, the meter readings will be void — and then the bill “for water” is calculated in accordance with the average (first 6 months) or in six months if calibration not completed, according to the standards itemized per person per month. Select the organization for verification you can either by themselves or contact the management company. Calibration can be performed at home or in the lab (where it is necessary to take the device). If the latter option is chosen, it is necessary to inform the IFC about calibration period to the properly accrued water charges.

Often Muscovites reported that they call home phone call from an unknown claiming to be employees of Mosvodokanal, and offer to replace or install the ISP — that is, strictly speaking, the extortion. As explained “MK” specialists of the Department, “Mosvodokanal” is only responsible for metering devices, not the individual, that is, such calls are a Scam.


I have a wedding soon, and my fiance insists that we rented white doves that were released into the sky. All his friends did so, and he doesn’t want to break tradition. And I feel sorry for these pigeons. On all sites write what they are trained and always come back home to master. I would like to know if this is true? As the dove will find his way back if the wedding registry office in Chertanovskaya, and its dovecote, for example, somewhere in Khimki?

Alina Dolgova, 29 years old, Moscow.

— Indeed, the so-called wedding doves do not always find the road home, confirms the fears of the Director of the hospital of birds, ornithologist Vladimir Romanov. — Part of birds is always lost, and it is inevitable. Even sports pigeon-a carrier pigeon do not always come back, then what can we say about ordinary birds. And lost of carrier pigeon breeders even not wanted, for them it is a signal that this individual is not worth keeping for breeding. To our hospital regularly bring wedding doves who are unable to find the way home. As a rule, they are not injured. Finding that lost, these pigeons are nailed themselves to the people they used to see them as breadwinners. We drove to a rehabilitation centre in the Ryazan region. By the way, now you can see offers to rent pigeons of different colors. The owners accomplish this by adding food dyes or simply using ordinary paint. Unfortunately, these manipulations of the appearance cause the birds serious harm. Because the paints are toxic, they exert harmful effects on the internal organs of birds.

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