“”Murder on the Orient Express”: the mustache!

In rolling out adaptation of the novel by Agatha Christie, in which Kenneth Branagh again proves that he is a drama king

Actor Kenneth Branagh in the role of Hercule, Parotta: official movie site

In the Russian rolling out “Murder on the Orient Express” – Agatha Christie, this time filmed by Brit Kenneth Branagh a paramount team of stars and with him in the lead role.

Hercule Poirot (Branagh), opening with Shoe complex in Palestine, arrives in Istanbul, where the hope of a long-desired vacation accepts the invitation of an old friend, the managing Director of the railway company (Tom Bateman), to go on the Orient Express straight to the London. The train is a luxury coupe and a menu that particularly pleased with Poirot, but the rest cannot be and speeches: light-fingered businessman Ratchett (johnny Depp) who asked for the detective’s help, found dead in his compartment. Under suspicion are all the motley inhabitants of the car, including the Secretary of the dead man (Josh Gad), an Austrian Professor (William Defoe), housekeeper (Daisy Ridley), Earl-dancer (Sergei Polunin), cheeky widow (Michelle Pfeiffer), the missionary (Penelope Cruz), a Russian Countess (Dame Judi Dench) and her maid (Olivia Colman).

About such films as “Murder on the Orient Express”, the plot of which is known in advance, interest is performance – how the authors will solve a particular problem. And a new adaptation of the novel Christie compare, first, filmed in 1974 Sidney Lumet (who could even be called “12 angry men”), which became a kind of standard the film adaptation of Christie. Lumet in his film showed the process of solving a puzzle like a detective, one after another catches the heroes of lies (saying last gave the most innocent answers companions “Thanks, you really helped the investigation”). In his film, it was interesting to see how the stars of the first magnitude, including Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman and Lauren Bacall play the bad actors.

Bran went the other way. Beginning his career as a theater Director (and now head of the Royal Academy of dramatic arts), in the past many times filmed Shakespeare, and also starred in “Cinderella” and the reason “Thor”, he approached the matter as a Director of drama – real drama king.

Instead of mapping the many disagreements to the fore the conflict of good and evil, ethical issues. Maybe that’s why many of the clues the Director leaves the viewer almost nothing, and gorgeous actors here and right play – it’s hard to suspect them of insincerity, therefore, the solution of the case becomes the exclusive prerogative of Poirot, without the participation of the audience. On the contrary, the ordeal that the detective was going through on the way to a solution, previously hidden, then come out in the form of confessional monologues – sometimes the hero utters them, stepping forward, as if on stage. Bran in some minutes shamelessly dramatic, rises on tiptoe, tearing his shirt on his chest. By and large, is not that bad, just weird: went to the movies, and the feeling is that if in a theatre. There is a film and several successes, like the flowers of the skin doctors and fascist views of the Professor, but not too much. And Yes, the film is worth watching in the original, in order not to lose half the fun: when dubbing disappear all wonderful accents with which the characters say, and however evaporate a fair share of their charm.

The new “Murder on the Orient Express” there is, however, one indisputable advantage – it is a luxury suiting movie. Each wooden panel coupe, dessert, elegant coat on the shoulders is done with such attention that is nearly impossible to put down. Film the result is reminiscent of the older criminal brother’s “Hotel “Grand Budapest” – in General, it is very beautiful. Oh yeah, and the moustache Poirot became even more luxurious, and their roomonm more refined – and is this not a miracle?

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