Rape abducted in Yekaterinburg, a 12-year-old schoolgirl could broadcast on the Internet

Horrific details of the kidnapping and rape 12-the summer girl in Ekaterinburg was leaked to the media. As it turned out, two adult thugs are not just abusing the schoolgirl and filmed everything on camera. It is not excluded that the scum were online broadcast on the Internet in the campaign website of pedophiles.

photo: Elizabeth Clasina

The girl was kidnapped on 7 November in the Chkalovsky district — the day she returned from the music school. Two scum pushed the victim into a car and brought to the apartment, and out of the car she was carrying a large bag.

Then they both raped the girl for several hours. All of their bigotry they are recorded on camera. It is not excluded that in this case there was an online stream on the Internet: in the end the girl was handed over the paper with the address of a certain website and took a picture of her.

Then the schoolgirl was placed back into the bag, took it to the car, was taken to Polevskoy tract and left on the roadside, reports “MK-Ural”.

It is also known that after the rape the girl washed in the bathroom. However, criminologists have nevertheless been able to obtain biological materials of perverts.

Currently, the search for the scum doing the best detectives of the Sverdlovsk region and hundreds of guards. Law enforcement agencies are asking motorists to review the recordings from their DVRs. Already drawn sketch of one of the rapists.

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