Russian Director of uhananov figured out how to reconcile Israel with the Palestinians

Artistic Director of the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre Boris uhananov knows how to reconcile Israel and Palestine, Jews and Arabs. He stated at the event, which has no relation to politics and interstate relations. “Melting the Apocalypse” is a three-channel video installation, launched at the new theatre festival NET.

Romeo Castellucci.

In the lobby itself, perhaps, democratic and pleasant places of contemporary art has set up three large screens on which parallel dialogues are powerful representatives of contemporary theatre. The names of the world — Italian Romeo Castellucci, German Heiner Goebbels and the Greek Theodoros Terzopoulos. Video artist, a very young Helen Koptyaeva. The conversation with each of them leads juhananov, and initially lost, who to listen to or read (on the run screen captions of the dialog)? But gradually, somehow shared between these theorists/practitioners and catch the buzz. From what such pleasure?

Conditions are as follows: each of the Directors of the proposed sign painted on a stone Board. They have been doing it before and after talking about… But there is nothing specific, lively, relevant… Subtle energies, the interaction of the artificial with the natural, the melting of the inscription on the stone as a philosophical category.

— It all started with stone. I was struck by the stone and its properties, — says Boris juhananov. — It is drawing water, then the water dries out. And also live theatre: you draw on the stone with water, and then the play dies. Also, perhaps, how our life, our society and everything else. A number of instant associations I took from this stone, and then offered around such a process to equip some important conversation, a conversation — a conversation in stone.

Boris uhananov bird singing, the bird is intelligent, can discuss this topic endlessly and really, the essence of his speech at the opening can be reduced to explicit desire quiet conversation. What is especially needful when it seems everything and everywhere, or talking in a raised voice, or just screaming as the catechumens. Turn on the TV, and there is a demonstration of the total national bad manners. And even decent people who subscribe to the program, you accept the rules of the game, becoming on a par with the boors, jerks, scoundrels of the state of the spill.

In the Stanislavsky “Stanislavsky” is the opposite — calm, measured, that does not mean old-fashioned and dusty. Internal energy, reflection, largely dictating our behavior, come inexplicably in connection, and if the proposed action spectacle, you are not satisfied, the internal atmosphere is definitely calm.

Boris uhananov with Heiner Goebbels.

Three screen conversation, which can be monitored simultaneously or individually, the combined sound of the composer Alexandra Kurland, a specialist in the expression of silence.

As Boris uhananov going to reconcile the irreconcilable Jews and Arabs? At the opening of “Melting of the Apocalypse”, he announced a project that wants to offer the Israelis. Its essence comes from the wall on which one side are written the commandments of the Torah, and on the other from the Koran. And the wall that will be placed on the timeless area. Who will eat? The idea of specific, promising, and who knows… Maybe it will put an end to this conflict.

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