The death of a pregnant student in Moscow: friends blame the father of the child

Student at teachers College on November 9 was found dead under the Windows of a house in the North of Moscow. The young lady was four months pregnant.

As it became known “MK”, 16-year-old Muscovite, as identified by the police, fell from the 14th floor flats at about 21.30. Before the tragedy, she took off her jacket and left her in the stairwell. The girl did not live in this house, she wandered here by accident.


The identity of the deceased established on the social map. It was a College student nearby. In school she was admitted on September 1 and immediately brought a pregnancy certificate. Student put on record. Prior to that, she was on the account and have local inspectors, as was brought up in a single-parent, dysfunctional family where mother and grandmother drink non stop. In fact, he brought up his daughter grandfather, who does not have this addiction.

At the time of the troubles the pregnancy was 15 weeks.

As educators say, a pupil was hunting, although missed classes. Fateful day in the institution it was not, but the alarm teachers were not beaten, as the College is not taken to carefully monitor attendance and notify their next of kin.

Psychologists of the institution worked with ward, according to them, she was in severe psychological condition, not only because of family problems, but because of the pregnancy. The father of the child is the same age as the girls left her when she announced the upcoming addition. The young knight fell into shock and immediately stopped communicating. The student tried to return it, but the decision was final. Apparently, amid all the unpleasant twists and turns on Thursday the nerves of the young Muscovite could not resist.

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