Trotsky and his “children”: contemporary Trotskyism flourishes

Since then, as August 20, 1940, the future Hero of the Soviet Union Ramon Mercader (aka Ramon Ivanovich Lopez) hit ice ax took the life of Lev Davidovich Trotsky, much water has flowed. However, Trotsky’s ideas continue to inspire a considerable number of more or less numerous leftist groups around the world.


Some of them are in the position of marginalized others actively participate in the political process. In the days when marks the centenary of the October revolution, we decided to look at the current state of the movement, named after one of its leaders.

In 1938 supporters of Trotsky established his own international – the Fourth – in contrast to the Stalinist Comintern. It was not long, just a couple of years – and the Fourth international began to crack. Some Trotskyists have accused the other of revisionism, lances were broken on the question of the possibility of global civil war and the role of the working class in the revolutionary process.

In the year of death of Stalin, the Fourth international was waiting for a new and very serious split. And it took the whole decade to the Trotskyists of the International Secretariat of the fourth international and some sections of the International Committee of the fourth international tried to reconcile. However, today the international Trotskyist movement looks pretty compartmentalized. Splits in it following the split, although untutored eye it is difficult to understand the differences between different followers of Trotsky.

Today one of the main Trotskyist associations known as the United Secretariat of the Fourth international (aka the Reunified Fourth international) and includes organizations from fifty countries. The largest section of this Association are in Brazil, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Pakistan, Portugal, the Philippines, Sweden and Sri Lanka.

In the early 1960s, there was one Trotskyist community among expelled from the Fourth international – the international socialist tendency (IST) who have United around the ideas of the British Trotskyist, a founder of the Socialist workers party of Tony cliff. This Association was made with the theory of permanent war economy and claims that the Soviet Union was dominated by state capitalism, and not a deformed workers state.

In 1974 was founded the Committee of Workers international (CWI) – today it has sections in 35 countries. Tactics associated with CWI organizations involved working on the creation of a Marxist wing in the major social democratic parties, trade unions. The Trotskyists of the CWI supported the nomination of the “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders during the presidential campaign in the United States in 2016 and offered him to go to the polls independent candidates.

In France, the Trotskyists did not play last fiddle in the orchestra leftist during the red May 1968. And the influence of Trotskyism is felt in the political life of the Fifth Republic (albeit on her shoulders) to this day. The Trotskyist “Revolutionary Communist League” competes with other Trotskyist organization “working Struggle” (Lutte Ouvrière), which is the French section of the Union of Communists-internationalists (UCI). In turn, UCI has a small number of sections in several countries. This Association believes that the socialist transformation of society can not be completed until the working class consciously fighting for their class interests. From this position, the Trotskyists in this direction is the task of the revolutionary groups see in the creation of a revolutionary party of the working class.

In 2009, on the basis of “Revolutionary Communist League” was established the “New anti-capitalist party”, which describes itself as Trotskyist, but still feels the strong influence of the Reunified Fourth international. The candidate of the “new anti-capitalists” Philip Harris in the first round of the presidential election this year gained 1,09% of the vote. Its opponent of the Trotskyist “workers ‘ Struggle” Natali Arto got 0,64%. Part of the Trotskyist “Revolutionary Communist League” did not wish to enter a “New anti-capitalist party”, created the organization “Unitary left” and joined an Alliance of the “Left front”. And you can still remember and the Independent labour party, whose roots are in the International Communist organization headed by well-known Trotskyist Pierre Lambert (1920-2008).

From the Committee of Workers international (CWI) broke another Trotskyist Union – the Committee for a Marxist international (now known as the international Marxist tendency). His supporters pursue a policy of infiltration into mainstream social democratic and Communist parties. In particular, the Greek Trotskyists, Marxist-oriented International trend, went along with several other left-wing forces in the party SYRIZA, headed by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (he is not a Trotskyist).

Nominate candidates, representatives of various Trotskyist factions in the presidential election in the United States. However, any significant number of votes they receive.

Trotskyist ideas are popular in Latin America. For example, in Bolivia in the late 1940s – early 1950s, the Revolutionary workers party, inspired by the ideas of Lev Davidovich had a mass character.

The leader of the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez called himself a supporter of Trotsky’s ideas – however, the Venezuelan Trotskyists him my thought, gluing to it the label of “bourgeois nationalist.”

Was associated with the Trotskyist movement and the famous Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, author of the world-famous detectives about Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist. He was a political activist of the Socialist party of Sweden (formerly the Communist workers ‘League) and edited the journal Fjärde internationalen (the”Fourth international”). And in 1977, the future author of the novels from the series “Millennium” went to Africa to teach and train guerrillas of the Eritrean people’s liberation front to shoot from the mortar. However, from the party Larsson came 1987.

To be sympathetic to the ideological heritage Trotsky was seen and another famous writer is a British science fiction writer China Mieville, held in the Socialist workers party.

Working from the Trotskyist revolutionary party ran for Parliament famous actress Vanessa Redgrave. This party is known that in 1979 he purchased a genuine death mask of Lev Davidovich. After party split, the actress took part in the creation of new “Marxist party”. Well, another schism in the “Marxist party” led Redgrave to the creation of the Party of peace and progress.

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