Vladimir Etush has recovered 28 million of the “debt” after visiting the editorial office of “MK”

Only on Thursday, Vladimir Etush came to the editorial office of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” for a theatrical prize, and on Friday he returned to the 28-million debt. The money came from former Chairman of the national Bank of Abkhazia, Daur of Burgundia.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

In 2013, he suggested to Mr Abramovich to invest all his savings in a Swiss Bank, they say, it’s safer to keep large sums of money. It was later revealed that no Bank money was not hit. When Richter asked them to return, was refused.

Bargandzia by the decision of the Tver court of Moscow arrested until December 18. He stated that he took money in debt, and allegedly, he even has a valid loan agreement. Now Bargandzia lawyer will seek his release from jail in connection with the absence of Vladimir Etush and his wife Elena of material claims. So the “MK” – light hand!

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