“We are amazing”: the best quotes of Mikhail Zadornov

It is symptomatic that the resignation of Mikhail Zadornov, in the circles of the intelligentsia is perceived not so much as a care of some Telecon-onion, — Zadornov personified, throughout his biography of the aspirations of a generation; his reflection is reflection is initially free, a full-blooded human, reveling in the expanse of the huge country, and only then, later, all this plethora beginning to shrink like shagreen leather, of laughter as a phenomenon almost disappeared sincerity and ease, and Zadornov became — together with the country, together with its generation — on the territory of sadness, ambiguity, where people on his flight (he himself from MAI) was not the place. Not for all the current small fry they had postponed their engineering diplomas, rushing, headlong, theatre and drama…

photo: Sergei Ivanov

About all of this with sadness in my voice talking to people who knew Zadornov, — says Mikhail Shvydkoi:

— Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov was one of a remarkable generation of people who can be called “late children of the Thaw”. Or last children. They started in student theatre, they were the same age people drink, they tried to take the life of fun, joy… it was a time when humor was not sad. When he didn’t just laugh at someone, not only someone’s flaws and simply laughed from the fullness of life. Laughing with the joyful feeling of existence. The sadness came later. The irony is even later. And the bitterness was getting to mid-life. And Mikhail Zadornov was one of the most striking phenomena of this remarkable cohort of people who have created a Youth edition of the Central television, which created a student-run theatres in IISS, the MIIT, the Moscow state University…

He himself of Aviation…

— Yes, he of the MAI. Zadornov was an engineer who wanted to fly, but only in literature. His flights in dreams and reality was real, he performed a variety of somersaults, pursuing the initiative even in the House of culture of the KGB. And at the same time he wanted to be a man of his word. A man of literature. This is one of maybe the most passionate desires of people who first felt the success on the stage, reading their own stories. So people really like to see their texts began to live separately from them. They wanted to feel like real writers, writers, when their word comes to life in the mouth of another performer. I will never forget, as we printed the first short play Zadornov in the journal “Theatre”, and he rejoiced that he wrote a play, which will play other people. This desire to share themselves on the stage and lines printed on paper, — Misha was always inherent.

You really know him long…

Yes. When we met many years ago, he was quietly cheerful. Joyful. And when we saw him last, he was sad and ironic to acrimony. He invented a new contact with the audience, playing different kind of philological and historical-linguistic games, proving that all the main words and concepts comes from the old Slavic or, at worst, from the Russian language. He always felt like a big country. Perhaps, also, like his father Nikolai Zadornov was wonderful authors of novels about the world’s oceans. And both of them felt in these vast expanses perfectly. He was loved by the audience, loved his friends, and forgave him his strange, sometimes invective, “expose” of American imperialism. Forgive because just… loved him. And when he has passed away now, this is the place that he occupied remains empty. Because he was part of our lives, part of our youth and maturity, he also understood, as we do, the joke humor. And also bitterly looked at life, which is as the sand would Wake up between his fingers. The bright memory of him.


Michael has long been one of our author, was closely friendly with the editors, and therefore not a sin to take another look at…

Best quotes of Mikhail Zadornov

– We despise the West, but this does not prevent us to copy it.

– When the Russian look in the room and see that no one was there, they say, “no soul”. That is the main thing in man is the soul. A anglodumayuschie in such cases we say “nobody” — no body. This is a very accurate reflection of their psychology. For these people it is the body, and for us – the soul.

– Asked by journalists “Why did your press Secretary is such an expensive accessory?” Vladimir Putin joked: “And you think Sands should wear hourglass?!” But I thought to myself, “it’s Time “someone” propesochit!..”

– Our people it is much easier to come up with a Rover than to put in order roads.

– The problem of thousands of poor Russian President could solve only with the help of the right hand of the right hand. (Peskov hours)

– Dmitry Peskov, said that the watch is worth 37 million rubles was given to him for the Post. This is a rare case when the man offered the woman a hand, and she to fill it.

– Russia is a huge country with an unpredictable past!

– The Russian Princess Anna Yaroslavna, who became the famous Queen of France, married the king, was the worst of the French court: she alone knew how to read, washed and brushed my teeth — that Russian savage.

We flaunt the amount of vodka and the fact that our lovely women are the strongest!

– Russia is doomed to eternal prosperity! Because civilization usually ends its existence at the time of the flourishing of its culture.

America gave Russia freedom from the USSR. Now we can FREELY dress up as clowns, to thump, to addiction, and die young, we are free to send three letters of parents and score to school, can not pay attention to children and not to look for a job, we are free to be gangsters and prostitutes, lesbians and gays.

We are amazing people. Want to live like all live, while trying to be different.

– Of course, Russian language is not steep, Russian films are not fashionable, traditions and culture barbaric, because it is better to put a minus thirty Chinese sneakers than warm, but not fashionable boots.

– How to understand this expression: “echelons of power”? Them reduce, dismiss, and as before the trains.

– How can you argue with it is better to live in capitalist or socialist society because in socialism no one lived.

– All the people using democratic methods in fighting for their future and only we grapple with our past. And what’s amazing, as always we win!

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