“And I go”: Zadornov recorded prophetic farewell video

Co-author Mikhail Zadornov Harry Polish released a video with the participation of the satirist, in which he reads a poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko about death. The video was first published back in 2013, but now, after the death of the artist, the Polish reminded him, signing: “…How we will miss you!..”

photo: youtube.com

The plot of the video Zadornov winter walks on the yard and the woods somewhere outside of town. Hauling water from the well, swinging on a swing, sitting by the fire. And performs “Moonlight Sonata”, it sounds behind the scenes is the poem “Go white snegi”.

“Go white snegi, like slipping on a string… to Live and live to the world, but probably not – quoted Zadornov, anticipating his departure four years later. – Go white snegi… And I go. Don’t worry about death and immortality’t wait.”

“I don’t believe in miracles, I’m not a snow, not a star, and I’m never, never…”

In the work of Yevtushenko says about Russia, the love that Zadornov was widely expressed in his work. The movie is punctuated by archival photos from childhood and adolescence, as well as landscapes of the country.

“To be immortal is not in force, but my hope: if Russia does that, and I will”.

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