Le Figaro revealed the source of the September release in the region of Perm

Researchers in Europe continue to look for the answer to the question where there was a release of radioactive ruthenium-106, recorded in this part of the world. The material on the website of the French newspaper Le Figaro claimed that the emission source is located somewhere between the river and the mountain chain of the Urals – according to new data, approximately in the region of Perm.

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The article was published under the title “the First map of a mysterious radioactive contamination of the ruthenium 106 in Europe.” The card itself is made up of researchers from the Institute of radiation protection and nuclear safety of France (IRSN). They modeled the movement of air flows in September and October, which with ruthenium-106 came to Europe.

What exactly was the cause of the ejection, for researchers still a mystery. The article States that “not far” from a point defined as the location of the source of emission located at the Beloyarskaya NPP. This suggests that data scientists are very approximate: the property is situated in the Sverdlovsk region, several hundred kilometers to the South-East from Perm. In IRSN besides, I think that the NPP is neither here nor there, since the emissions then flowed not only to the ruthenium.

There is a theory that somewhere evaporated solution obtained in the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuels and containing ruthenium.

Previously it was assumed that the source of contamination to the South of the Ural mountains. Incidentally, the authorities in Chelyabinsk region have already made a statement about the situation. Vice-Governor of the region Oleg Klimov said that “Mayak” in this story is not in the business – for the same reason: a radioactive isotope of ruthenium is not “would break loose at will” without the other radioactive elements, and they are not recorded. As he wrote, “MK-Chelyabinsk”, Klimov said ruthenium have been in the region “transit”, and the source of his thousands of kilometers from the Urals.

The release of ruthenium-106 has puzzled Europeans at the end of September. In Germany the Federal office for radiation protection said that the emission source can be located in the southern Urals.

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