Missing reserved seat tickets are not expensive, but they can not buy

In the confrontation that developed between the Federal Antimonopoly service and the Russian Railways, there are new details. We will remind, FAS has banned the Railways to raise prices on tickets economy category to the approval of the indexation rate. Because of this “daughter” railway monopoly — the Federal passenger company has suspended the sale of tickets in reserved seat and seats. According to recent reports, the Antimonopoly office has ensured that the rates in 2018 will not rise. However, before 1 January of the following year a trip to the reserved seat do not succeed — it is necessary to go into the compartment. In addition, the Supervisory authority demanded to save the trains from the Soviet relic of the past – toilets that are closed for each health area. Experts active in the struggle FAS against Railways called populist pitch before the election.

Photo: AGN “Moscow”.

All long-distance trains is mandatory there will be toilets and air conditioning — this decision was made by the Board of the FAS together with the requirement on the zero rate of tariff indexation at the last meeting. The Ministry said that to improve the Railways we have to work on the quality of services. However, this does not occur, which leads to a reduction of passenger traffic — according to the FAS in 2017, passenger numbers fell by 8.4%. Given the falling demand, the Supervisory authority proposed Railways to reduce existing tariffs by 10%, what FPC insisted on increase of 3.9%. In the end, the parties to the dispute reached a compromise and the rates in 2018 will remain at 2017.

Transport sector experts indicate that prices for tickets in economy category — very painful social issue for the passengers and the carrier and cannot be solved by prohibitions and restrictions.

“The position of the regulator is disappointing and like a populist move before the election, they say, we are for the people, carry it cheaper, – says in an interview with “MK” Director of the Institute for transport Economics and transport policy, Higher school of Economics Mikhail Blinkin. – Instead of the balanced position of the Antimonopoly regulator FAS breaks down the country’s only carrier across the knee. The fact that many routes unprofitable and at least a little kompensiruet the ticket fares, the prices for reserved seats in the sitting cars close to the financial capabilities of people who go. To update the rolling stock, the salary to ordinary drivers and conductors need money and we need to seek opportunities for targeted support for the poor, rather than applying crude measures.”

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