Muscovites handed to the mayor 5 760 signatures in support of the Central Hippodrome

The initiative group of the district Jogging transferred to the government of Moscow collected in just two weeks 5 760 signatures of residents of the capital and other Russian cities against any construction projects on the territory of Central Moscow Hippodrome office and residential buildings, hotels, underground Parking lots and other “non-core” objects, withdrawal from the stables of the farm.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

2 000 signatures were received only from Muscovites living in cross-country, comparable to the number of citizens who voted in the district elections of municipal deputies.

We will remind that about such a project, presented by JSC “Russian racecourses” to the consideration of the government of Moscow, it was widely reported this fall. Unfolded large-scale public debate with the participation of concerned Muscovites, horsemen and breeders – building options the Hippodrome, which is the joint security area of the monument of cultural heritage, caused deep resentment among citizens.

By the way, among other things, the architects working on the order of “Roppokai”, talking about the project of construction of high-rise office tower (40 floors) in place of the current fleet of CYS – despite the fact that the area is so built up and Running very tightly. According to adopted this year in Moscow the Rules of land use and development on the site should be preserved existing floors.

As specialists in equestrian business said: the withdrawal or reduction in the number of stables with Central Moscow Hippodrome will put an end to the development of national horse-breeding industry (according to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 2011 that should be a priority direction of activity of JSC “Russian racecourses”). Signatures against construction projects on the territory of CIS set including the entire staff of the research Institute of horse breeding.

Signatures in defense of the Racecourse, collected over 2 weeks, took four thick volumes

The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin at the end of October already expressed my opinion about such concepts for the development of CME. The mayor in a television interview said: “I Believe that any dense development should not be. Maximum Racecourse should be preserved in its original form. Another issue is that we need to invest in preserving order in the restoration, repair”.

According to Sobyanin, the project of development of JSC “Roppokai” was denied. People who have left their signatures in defense of the CMR after the statement of Sergey Sobyanin, saying that I consider it necessary to reinforce the position of mayor their opinion about any similar concepts that may be represented in the future government of Moscow.

The collection of signatures against the projects of building of the Hippodrome continues – activists intend to deliver them to the Russian government and the presidential administration.

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