“Nobody helps them”: the horror stories of victims of the tragedy Izhevsk

Among the six killed Thursday when a gas explosion in the street Udmurt, 261 in Izhevsk — two children. One of them, Cyril, was only 13 years old.

On that day, the teenager had just returned from school. Had lunch. Then lay down on the sofa. In this moment explosion was distributed.

Boy crushed plate. He hardly had time to realize what happened.

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia.

– I am well familiar with the mother of Cyril, Olga, we with it together worked in medclinic, says the friend. – She was at work when the tragedy occurred. Her husband called and said that his eyes exploded the house. I contacted my friend, she can’t even speak, barely holding on. Olga doted in their children, just loved to madness. About people always say “crazy mother”. Cyril and his she was always called “Bunny”.

The sister of the deceased boy at the time of the tragedy was in St. Petersburg.

Our Cyril was a terrific kid, very active: played sports since childhood, went to soccer, played for the school team, – says Natalya. – And the hands of a guy, as they say, of the right place grow: he always was making something sort of model military, made of plywood cut out amazing things. And Cyril was the curious: if you are interested in something, then began to look for information about a new hobby, some interesting facts. Just like that, without cause, he never sat. Already at such a young age, Cyril was the soul of the company: since childhood, with the boys in the yard chasing bikes, football in the winter — in hockey.

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“The explosion that destroyed the house in Izhevsk, was recorded by the dash camera”


That day he was home alone?

– At home he was the one came after school, rested. Cyril independent boy — could-own-lunch to warm up, prepare for the training, lessons make. It is not necessary was to look. He grew up quickly. So parents are not worried when its a house left.

– How did you hear about the tragedy?

– A friend called me as soon as I went to the information about the explosion. I dialed my father. And I heard: “I’m about stop. My eyes just collapsed…”.

– They say that parents, along with rescue teams searched for son?

Yeah, they didn’t move from that place. Were ready to climb on the ruins, but they were not allowed. They were kept in the dark for a very long time. Only around midnight, he received information about deceased, unidentified boy. The parents went to the morgue. They were not allowed, explained: “Wait for the investigator.” Only in the morning everything became clear.

– Where are they now?

– At us in Izhevsk grandmother lives, mum and dad stopped her.

– Preparing for the funeral?

– Yes, now I drive everywhere all by yourself make. Nobody helps them. Today I fly to them.

Parents gave some money for the first time? Because they have nothing left.

– No, about the money they didn’t say anything.

– When you and your brother last spoke?

– I talked to him the night before. In the day when it was taken, was going to call him just at this time, when the explosion occurred. Thought, to report that the package was sent. He asked me to order one toy, at this time I pulled off the track to track. Thought to make him happy. Not yet.

– You have a cat still?

– Yes, the cat survived. It was sheltered at itself by some people. Gonna pick it up tomorrow.

My classmates Cyril remained about the dead only good memories.

– Cyril was my friend, – tells Artem. That day we had 7 lessons that ended at 3pm. Kira immediately ran home, walk with us went. He recently got injured on the football, his leg pain, so exercise is also decided to skip. Now the school is helping to raise funds for the parents of my friend.

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