Out of the house, a student: 2018 students asked to vacate hostel

Students of some universities of Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk and Yekaterinburg in a panic: they were informed that in may will have to leave their houses and lovingly furnished rooms in the hostels to the world Cup they were settled by the police and Regardie. From the publication in “Kommersant” it became known that the situation will affect the students of Nizhny Novgorod state medical Academy (Nizhny Novgorod state medical Academy), Nizhny Novgorod state University. N. And.Lobachevsky (NNSU), Nizhny Novgorod state technical University (NSTU), Samara state University of Railways (Samara state). To this list may be added, as found “MK”, Nizhny Novgorod agricultural Academy (NGSKHA) and NSPU them. Minin.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The students ‘ discontent is understandable. Can you imagine living three neat girls, future physicians and ophthalmologists in the same room. Clean her duty, gently I’m making the bed, pictures on the wall for comfort hanging. And suddenly, in their absence settled in the room three brutal men. Come in dirty shoes. God forbid, they fall asleep. Tea bags thrown directly into tables. Underwear on the batteries (in summer not working) and dried. Story!

However, this is not the main problem. Will be more difficult to decide how to cram the curriculum and session in a timely manner, to in may of the students already went home. This question in some universities plan to solve due to the reduction of winter vacations, for example. Here is the announcement on the website of Nizhny Novgorod state medical Academy: “Spring semester for students of pediatric and medical-prophylactic faculties will last until April 28, interim certification will be issued at current performance or in a cycle. From April 30 — production practices. From 27 to 31 August 2018 will be held examinations for students who do not agree with the mark awarded for the current performance. FOIS, medical, dental and pharmaceutical faculties will complete the academic year to 9 June 2018, including the passage of intermediate certification (exam session). The winter holidays will be reduced due to a corresponding increase in vacations during the summer. The graduate students, interns, graduate students learn the curriculum without changes.” Well, at least graduates and postgraduates do not touch, and thanks for that. Although the examinations, probably many of them will have to prepare under fun songs, loud laughter and chased move came off duty police officers.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev said “Sport-Express” that “this practice is long-standing and widespread”. The head of the Russian student Union Vasily Mikhailov in an interview with “MK” did not agree with the esteemed Deputy: “This is an unprecedented situation! There was never such. Moreover, if such a forced eviction occurs, it is absolutely illegal”.

According to Mikhailov, the students at check in to sign a contract for accommodation. And under Federal law, it needs to be for the whole period of training, which includes vacation time, so the student had the opportunity to work.

— And if suddenly the contract is written in clear terms? For example, from September 1 to may 28? This makes the eviction legal?

— Then the contract is void, because it contradicts Federal law. But I want to emphasize that there is no document on the basis of which will occur this out there or its hiding. Now, the whole story spins on the level of rumors. That is, the Ministry of education really gave such a recommendation, but what normative guidance documents is unclear.

The Russian student’s Union encourages students and universities to seek a compromise, as security during the world Cup, which will provide police officers and Regardie, it is also very important. But the student must be willing to move out voluntarily.

Is it possible for a University to find levers of influence on students to contribute to a voluntary deportation? No doubt about it.

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