The Sun recorded a rare plasma storm

The American space Agency NASA published the picture, which is next to the bright funnel of a solar flare you can see a large dark area. Specifically, the coronal holes on the Sun was able to fix only a few times in the entire history of observations of the sun.


Clouds of charged particles, the location of which is affected by the magnetic field of the Sun, are the threads most often are strained like the strings. Observe what they “twisted” the specialists rarely communicated. Dark area, according to scientists, is “magnetically open.” In NASA noted that excessive scientific value this phenomenon is not, however, the fact that to fix it rarely makes it at least worthy of mention.

The, published by experts of the American space Agency, were obtained in the ultraviolet range.

Over the past months in the Sun, there was quite a lot of rare and unusual events. Attracted the most attention occurred in early September, a series of solar flares, some of which is among the most powerful in the entire history of observations. Before that, in mid-July, the attention of fans of astonii attracted the spot size exceeding the Earth. In October the magnetic lines in the Sun formed an unusual shape resembling a heart.

Finally, recently two spots located on opposite sides of the sun, were called “regular” magnetic storms on the Earth, between which was held for around two weeks. Interestingly, this is characteristic of periods when the solar activity is close to minimum.

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